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Online Education Software
MyClassroom lets you manage recorded lectures, classroom videos, study materials and media assets in a secure, searchable online platform. Our vision is for improving children’s education by enhancing interaction between schools as well as parents and providing data driven decision support system to assist them in taking best decisions for their children’s future.

Main features

Secure Data

No matter what kind of contents you have to share, will be secured with the most secured way you need to be.

Offline Data

Our platform gives the advantage of downloading the content and storing it on the app whenever the students has access to internet, and can use in offline.

Live Chat

Chat interface to enable chat between student - teacher or with the whole class to share assignments or study assistance.

Powerful dashboard

On upload of each contents, users will be notified and the same will be available on dashboard for quick and easy access.

Content Upload

All the major file formats are supported and are available to upload which will be restricted to the users from further forward.

Leight Weight UI

Easy way for setting budget and analyzing the budget variance and can help you to track your core accounts. It offers standard budgeting and tracking features.